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Just a few hours left to get this awesome wordpress social marketing plugin for 60% less.. smartly names MoreSharesForYou PRO!

If you own a wordpress site and want to get more social involvement in your site then I highly recommend that you buy this plugin that is raising money through indiegogo. It's a great concept to easily promote your content to other users trying to promote there own. It's basically a link exchange concept but just through promotion in social media so I don't see how it could have anything but a positive effect on your sites SEO.

It really goes along with the type of traffic generation techniques that this site has adopted that made recent news on  this is an interesting story as it is amazing how a site dedicated to viral stories and they do have some really interesting ones can generate so much interest online.  the site has done amazingly well but is reliant on one form of traffic stream as is pointed out in the story. It's a good read!

Time is running out if you want to get the pro version of MoreSharesForYou PRO!

Here is the link to get running on this. At the time I posted the article there were few left and time is running out. Less than 9 hours to go! the projet is funded but this is a great way to help these guys get on their way and they are only needing a minimal amount of money to get this off the ground. Support the project and get a great deal at the same time.

And for your PRO enthusiasts! I've got a question for you.

Why do many brands choose to market their performance products as PRO. It's not just a few companies. Etrade and CNBC are major companies that offer a pro version of their product and we've seen this again and again in advertising and media. .PRO adds performance and appeals to the professional grade products in the market place. Adding PRO to your website domain is a significant edge that can't be ignored. Of course powerful brands like the ones i've mentioned dont' seem to be taking advantage of additional domains and I have no explanation why they don't register under or as I would think that would result in a brand advantage.  

Hopefully in the future we'll see etrade register, and trade.etrade!!  What sounds better to you?