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Chinese Domain investments cause spike in .pro registrations

If you have been following the domain charts recently for new registrations then you may have noticed a strong advancement in .pro registrations to over 350,000 registrations.  In February of this year thedomains wrote an article that helped raise awarness of an advance in .pro registrations.  .Pro's kept advancing strongly after that post and it most likely wasn't caused by US investors as there is much speculation that Chinese investors have taken interest in the .pro domain extension.  200K registrations within a few months has helped boost .pro to one of the top registered new gtld's. Take a look at the .pro domain registration chart here to see the chart that illustrates the amazing spike in growth the extension is currently undergoing. 

Foreign Investment is in front of the US for .pro

Although smart US investors and domain buyers are looking at .pro a lot more seriously these days the foreign interest still appears to be ahead of domestic buyers.  If you live in the US and are a domain investor we strongly recommend considering a .pro component to your portfolio.  Premium one word domains are difficult to come by but are available in portfolio's such as our premiere domainname80 aftermarket listed here.  Concentrating on short, marketable domains is one smart strategy for increasing long term equity in domains.