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Getting Started with Registry Services through Facts. Pro. 

Can I register other extensions through

Yes, of course you can! We will be happy to assist you register other domains through your My Domain account. Although we specialize in .Pro domains doesn't mean you can't register a variety of other extensions through our services.

Why is your pricing any better than other registrars? has arranged special pricing with through our relationship with DomainPeople. So, our customers will benefit from our reduced outlet pricing as well as receive the full service and attention that comes from being associated with a larger company. It's a win win primarily for you, the customer!

Why are .Pro's such a great value for my online business?

Domain names are the most recognized and important part of any Internet endeavor. The PRO's fundamental purpose is simple: to offer a secure, trusted platform that professionals and licensed businesses alike can leverage for their Internet presence, starting with a domain name!

It's easy to establish trust with your clients face-to-face, but in the anonymous world of the Internet, trust doesn't come easy. .PRO is the first and only top-level domain name created for businesses and professionals alike! Whether you own a shoe shine shop or are a licensed physician a .PRO domain is right for you!

Whether you're developing a brand, refining an identity, or promoting a specialty, .PRO offers every licensed business and professional the opportunity to enhance their image by adding a powerful, easy-to-identify name to their online presence and web-based products.

For a limited time  is making it easy to establish trust with your clients, refine your identity, or promote your products and services online by offering lower priced domain names for your first year of registry. 

Registering your new .PRO domain is now easier than ever, once your new domain is registered you can begin using it immediately!