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.PRO Domain...Has Never Been Easier to buy!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:14:]]Owning a .Pro has never been easier and cheaper for that matter. welcomes anyone interested in .pro domains and is now in a unique position to be offering registry services through this very website, so take a minute to learn some of the facts about internets powerful professional extension and we look forward to providing you a premiere source for domain investment, aftermarket domain listings as well as affordable registry fees for anyone looking to register a .Pro or those that are looking to take advantage of our .Pro transfers. Just search for your domain using the search block listed on most of the pages in this site.

The Reason to Buy and Invest in .Pro...

 .pro is showing strong signs of progress and steady growth. Since the domain extension never made a great splash on its entry as .gld a unique opportunity has emerged that a few exceptionally smart domainers have noticed and are currently taking advantage of. The registry base has been growing and over the past 12 months has exhibited a steady increase that is being capitalized on by those investing in the extension. While many prime time domainers have been more occupied by the .nets, .org and .coms of the world several have looked the other way and toward the growing number of non .com extensions that have been coming onto the market in the last several years which is continuing to expand to this day.

 A considerable buying opportunity has been the result and one where value focused domain investors have been able to score significant keyword domains within the .pro extension at the same time the .pro registry has been kind enough to drop registry prices to the competitive rate of $9.99 US dollars per year. However, the door of opportunity is slowly closing even though I am still amazed at some domain combinations left that exhibit highly valuable commercial potential yet to be registered with the occasional premium one word domains popping up on drop or expired lists.

AfterMarket .Pro Sales Increasing

Although some of the .pro domainers that hold very significant keywords are holding tight to those domains. There have been some sales which is keeping this market turning and every increasing sales prices are being reported to prime reporting sites such as the domain sales page reports recent sales in this extension as well where there have been an increasing amount of $5,000 plus sales this year. At some point the nice drops are going to slow down and dollar sales for premium domains will rise.(It appears that we are entering this period now) Things will continue to improve as the extension gets further adopted. .Pro is great, because its been around the block long enough to be recognized and established itself.

 The extension has already gone through a changeover in its investment base (providing the good name drops many domain investors and developers were able to pickup over the last 2 yeas..aided by the poor economy) therefore, don't think we are going to see further large domain drops within the existing registrant base in this extension over the next few years. Everyone left still seems to be accumulating as total registrants has recently been reported to be over 100K according to the .pro official registry. Ok, that said..the future is bright..the world of the internet can change quickly. Whats cool is just takes a big domain investor to gain interest in the extension or company promoting a .pro website to provide the push we need.(we just saw a startup using a .pro extension as reported by encirca) All signs point towards continued growth. Don't waste your energy about young domainers on other boards getting distracted. .Pro is one of the few opportunities available for investors of any size to hit big! Its not going to be like .co or the other big splashes..more like something people are going to wake up to and say wow..why didn't I invest in dot pro?!

.Pro Remains a Solid Investment regardless of what domains may enter the market

There is alot of concern within the domain industry over new extensions being released. However, this right of the .dot movement is still a year or so away and may not have as much bang as expected. Starting a registry is not that easy. Dot Pro will continue to be very relevant as it can benefit a broader class of sites by enhancing the main brand and providing an edge advantage to most business class sites. Few new released .gtld's are going to be able to compete with that as they won't have the broad demographic necessary to support a registry of 100K+ (Many will try).

Prepare for another couple of years for all of this to take hold. During the meantime many premium domains are available in the .pro aftermarket between the 2K to 10K range that could be worth many times that after the next phase of growth within the extension. .Pros are selling for a fraction of the .com equivalent and appeal to web 3.0 businesses that just aren't willing to spend their valuable startup money for a .com or are looking for a strong and unique brand to diferentiate themselves from the crowd. was recently received press in the NYTimes as testiment to this.

.PRO Domain...Has Never Been Easier to buy! | DN80


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