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Last week, I wrote about a security incident at Network Solutions,, and that was announced by these registrars. All three of these domain registrars owned and operated by By chance, when I was logging in to my account, I discovered the security alert that appeared to be quietly published by the […]
23 hours 44 min released their NameJet/Snapnames monthly sales report for October. led the way at $30,600. was second at $24,300. was the first .com on the list at $24,000. $30,600.00 NameJet $24,300.00 NameJet $24,000.00 NameJet $14,601.00 NameJet $10,001.00 NameJet $7,400.00 NameJe...
21 hours 18 min
Earlier today, Donuts launched its long-advertised sale of new gTLD domain names from its internally-held portfolio. I found a humorous Twitter thread started by the Donuts Twitter account that was created for this sale campaign mentioning Rick Schwartz and his selection of for his video blog. 1/ Greetings @domainking from @premdotdomains and @donutsinc. We’ve […]
23 hours 25 min
Sedo released their weekly sales report and led the way at 20,000 Euros, ($22,151). was second at $20,500 and was third at $19,988. 7 four letter.coms were on the list out of 35 .com sales in total. was the high sale at $10,000. sold for 3,800 Euros, ($4,208) 35 .com […] The post Sedo weekly sales led by appeared first on