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1 day 12 hours
There’s a reason why the old saying, “selling ice to the Eskimo” still holds plenty of cold water. Domain investors selling to each-other, especially when it’s a trade between buddies promoting auctions, can only get one that much money. The market gets saturated with the product and prices drop – simple as that. Gone are […] Copyright DomainGang
11 hours 48 min
Neustar, the domain and network technology services company, maintains a strong presence in Australia. It comes as no surprise, that the company has filed a UDRP against the registrant of the domain Neustar is the systems provider and back-end registry operator for many new gTLDs and primarily operates from the domain The company […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 2 hours
We’re living in strange times, and several US states have legalized marijuana use. The market is wide open, and with that in mind, many domain investors are focusing on weed, marijuana, hash, cannabis, hemp, ganja and other related keyword domains. An interesting domain being auctioned on eBay is ᴡ – and while the auction’s title […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 10 hours
In recent months, the three pillars of domaining have been using Twitter more actively, as their preferred medium of communication. Sharing their piece of mind, Frank Schilling, Rick Schwartz and Mike Mann all use Twitter for the same reason: domain names. Twitter summarizes such tweets from one’s followed list, and in a funny twist all […] Copyright DomainGang
9 hours 55 min
Two years ago, domain investor George Kirikos, broke the news on the domain valuation of the sale. The overall transaction exceeded $2.5 billion, and the domain – an intangible asset – has been valued at $872,320,000 dollars. Astonishing as it may seem, this valuation has been confirmed in the financial report filed with […] Copyright DomainGang
7 hours 10 min
Someone forked out $510 dollars for the IDN “weed” domain we covered yesterday. The eBay auction attracted 7 bidders, and 33 bids in total. Considering how the only way to view the domain is via copy/paste, five hundred bucks seems like a waste of money. Cherokee letters have been used in the past to pass […] Copyright DomainGang
13 hours 3 min
Domain investing can be a cutthroat business, and many domain brokers operate in questionable ways to benefit their clients. Acquiring domain names “under the radar” is one thing; getting a domain owner to sell a domain at a bargain price requires particular skills. We interviewed a “black ops” domain broker, who ensures his buyers pay […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 10 hours
Domain investor and broker, Ali Zandi, founder of Starfire Holdings is killing it; the recent brokerage of for $2 million dollars is one of many we could share. For any prominent professional, owning their full name as a .com is a must these days. Apparently, that wasn’t the case for Ali Zandi, whose matching […] Copyright DomainGang
14 hours 45 min
It looks like George Kirikos has discovered another high value domain name sale. Based on some observations made by George that I can also see, it appears that Schneider Electric may have acquired the high value domain name: ICYMI, French company Schneider Electric is likely the new owner of the elite domain name (see yesterday’s tweets). — George Kirikos (@Geo...