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1 day 1 hour
Driving around town can be fun, and we come across domain names emblazoned on vehicles. These unexpected encounters are captured and featured in our open-ended “domain sightings” series, split in two main categories: dot .COM and everything else. Of course, while taking a photo of a vehicle that carries a domain name, we are stationary […] Copyright DomainGang
7 hours 35 min
The 15 year old domain,, has been in the possession of Domain Capital for a while. Registered in 2003, appears to be yet another LLLL .com, a domain genre that became popular a few years ago due to the Chinese domain market‘s explosive growth, and subsequent collapse. BTSA Biotecnologias Aplicadas, S.L. of Madrid, […] Copyright DomainGang
23 hours 34 min
The new weekly domain sales report is out at ccTLDs had a big outing with 3 of the year's 7 biggest sales in that group reported this week.
1 day 3 hours
I am almost always looking to buy good inventory. I primarily seek out great one word .com domain names, but I also regularly participate in auctions for generic terms in the .com extension that would make a good investment. People also regularly send me domain names they want me to buy. Unfortunately, the vast majority […]
9 hours 17 min
Ah, those were the days of shrimp buffet luncheons, domain arbitrage specials, and multi-million dollar auctions. TRAFFIC 2007 in Miami, Florida, included domain entrepreneur, Mickie Kennedy. The enterprising domainer was running back in the day and at the TRAFFIC domain auction he listed with a $2.6 million dollar reserve. Phil Craig from [...
1 day 8 hours
I think the majority of domain names my company owns have buy it now prices listed on the landing page or via Afternic. I appreciate a quick and seamless deal, and having a BIN price is helpful to that end. On some of my higher value domain names, I have not set BIN prices. There […]
1 day 7 hours
Chris Grivas registered in 1999; the domain keyword is Italian for “plumbum” – the official name of lead. An Italian clothing line company, 82 s.r.l. of Venice, Italy, attempted to get his domain almost two decades later. Mr. Grivas represented himself in the UDRP case at the WIPO. Not only did he win the […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 9 hours
The domain changed hands two years ago, after a controversial remark made by Donald Trump. The US president referred to Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic Party politician and academic from Massachusetts with the moniker of “Pocahontas” – making fun of her native American heritage and asking her to prove it. In recent days, the reference […] Copyright DomainGang