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1 day 14 hours
DNForum, the oldest domain name forum, has new owners; today, a formal announcement revealed the core team that acquired it. According to a post on, active members Castion, Seek99 and Johnn are the new co-owners. Lars Lima (Castion), Oliver Hoger (Seek99) and John Nguyen (Johnn) are their respective names. The enthusiastic announcement seeks to […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 2 hours
An elaborate scam used the domain DebtCredit.US to generate thousands of dollars in unlawful IRS refunds, then used a phony debt collection agency to seek their “return.” According to Krebs On Security, the method that these cybercriminals use, works like this: Identity thieves who specialize in tax refund fraud have been busy of late hacking […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 16 min
It has been quite some time since I wrote about domain names and estate planning. People who own valuable domain names or a valuable domain portfolio need to take estate planning seriously. Nobody can cheat death, and ensuring that you have a plan in place can save your loved ones or friends a considerable amount of time and potentially some money. Recently on NamePros, attorney John Berryhill res...
1 day 4 hours
At one point and for quite some time, I believe DNForum was the most widely used and perhaps most “popular” domain investing forum. I don’t think that has been the case for quite some time though. As Domain Name Wire shared this morning, DNForum is under new ownership. Andrew wrote about the new owners of the forum and their backgrounds. For today’s poll, I want to know if...
20 hours 36 min
ICANN has increased its 2019 budget for personnel costs by more than $7 million, all while decimating its Fellowship Program. A petition on points out that the ICANN Fellows program has been hit with a budgetary cut of 50% – something that it’s deemed “extreme.” According to the petition: We are deeply concerned about […] Copyright DomainGang
16 hours 51 min
Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Greek basketball player who has established himself as a top seed athlete with the Milwaukee Bucks, is known to his fans as the “Greek Freak.” Taking his sports fame even further, Giannis has launched his own sports and casual clothes line, aptly named Greek Freak. A week ago, the trademark for GREEK […] Copyright DomainGang
19 hours 39 min
Domain brokerage & consultancy has released a new quarterly report breaking down short .COM domain sales in the 4th quarter of 2017.
23 hours 27 min
The last time we covered “eNom girl” was almost two years ago, when a UDRP made references to the iconic girl with the backpack. Also known as “backpack girl,” the image of the blonde beauty from her college years, will forever haunt domain investors worldwide. We came across a new snapshot of the eNom girl […] Copyright DomainGang