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1 day 23 hours
After decades spent assembling one of the world's great domain portfolios geodomain giant Skip Hoagland has decided it's time to let it all go.
23 hours 6 min is a valuable domain name. Not only is a pillow a product, but the domain name could be utilized as an unrelated brand name. is what some people would consider a “brandable” domain name. For many years, has been owned by a pillow company called Pillow Menu, LLC. Smartly, the company also owns the plural domain name. In fact, Morgan Linton wro...
1 day 4 hours
A three member WIPO UDRP panel ruled in favor of the domain owner in the UDRP. In addition, the panel ruled that Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) occurred. The domain name owner was represented by (Jason Schaeffer and Ari Goldberger), and this is the second case in the last couple of weeks for the law firm where a finding of RDNH was made. This seems like a pretty cut and d...
1 day 23 hours
I regularly use my email to discuss domain names with a variety of third parties. For over fifteen years, I must have exchanged emails with tens of thousands of different people at various entities. This morning, I received a personally addressed “invoice scam” email, and it is something people need to be mindful about. Most spam emails I get seem to be hastily created. There may be sp...
15 hours 44 min
Almost exactly 5 years ago, a UDRP decision was made that had most domain investors saying WTF! The domain name was lost in a UDRP. Mike wrote about it on Jun 20, 2012. And now today Mike uncovered this from Hilco Streambank that the complainant in the case has filed Chapter 11 and that […] The post Karma’s a bitch (.com) appeared first on
1 day 2 hours
A television talk show hosted on the BBC called The One Show just had a segment about domain investing and domain name investors. The program is hosted year-round on weekdays, and it covers a wide variety of topics. Former American talk show host Jerry Springer was one of the hosts on the show. Several domain investors and brokers were featured on this episode of The One Show, including Graham Hay...
1 day 9 hours
According to Verisign (VRSN) which operates the .Com registry,  the number of .Com domain names in the Domain Name Base has passed 129 Million for the 1st time. The number of .Com domain names in the Domain Name Base passed 128 Million for the 1st time in September 2016. The number of .Com domain passed […] The post Verisign: The Number of .Com Domain Registration Pass 129 Million For 1st Ti...
21 hours 4 min
Sedo released their weekly sales and led the way at $35,000. was number two at $32,500. sold for $20,000. I did contact Sedo and told them they put this in the wrong category. .Co.JP is the country code for Japan. I liked for $10,000. There were a lot of names I […] The post Sedo weekly sales led by appeared first on