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1 day 12 hours
I have quite a few Google News Alerts set, so I see dozens of news articles related to domain names each day. Oftentimes, I notice news articles that are actually press releases, and occasionally they are used to announce domain names are for sale. A press release can be an effective way to get in front of decision makers. Sending individual emails is also effective, but a press release can have m...
1 day 7 hours
GoDaddy is looking to hire a Product Marketing Manager on its Domains team. I believe this particular line of business covers everything related to domain names, including registrations and the aftermarket. Here’s a brief job description from the LinkedIn listing, which was created a little over a week ago: “As a Product Marketing Manager within the Domains team, you will be part of a...
9 hours 24 min
The domain has now been sold three times in recent weeks. After it was acquired by Media Options from its original owner for an undisclosed amount, the domain was sold to domain broker, James Booth. The BQDN founder did not waste much time, and placed the domain up for sale on domain forums. Soon […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 9 hours
By being both a domain investor and a domain collector, Rick Schwartz is in a unique position to indulge in his domain passion twofold. Registering domains that appear in the news, or about social issues, can be both rewarding as a potential sale, and as a collectible item – just like some collect stamps, coins […] Copyright DomainGang
12 hours 12 min
Knowles Cazenovia, Inc., is a ceramic capacitor manufacturer of more than 30 years, under the Novacap brand. They registered a trademark for NOVACAP in 2008, and held the .com until late 2017, when they somehow forgot to renew it. Registered in 1996, the domain was auctioned off on NameJet, where it sold for $3,333 […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 5 hours
Our Domain Memes series depict quick, fun moments that are snapshots of events related to the domain industry. Whether about funny or more serious incidents, one thing is certain: most domainers identify with these moments at some point or another. So today we address the thorny issue of being a domainer with OCD. Domain investors […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 2 hours
Non .com domains took 6 of the first 12 entries on our Top 20 Sales Chart last week but the .coms were back in control this week sweeping 17 of 20 chart entries.