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1 hour 37 min
Domain industry attorney Jason Schaeffer reported today that three of his clients received $60,000 offers to buy domain names, and the supposed prospective buyer requested an “appraisal certificate” in order to proceed with a deal. 3 clients this week had $60K offers through GoDaddy. Each appeared to be from Japan requesting an “Appraisal Certificate.” Screen […]
1 day 2 hours
Game Lounge acquired in a domain rebranding deal worth seven figures, or more. The acquisition of is interesting as it coincides with the decision about and its matching trademark BOOKING.COM. In 2000, Christopher Latter, original registrant of, applied for a trademark at the USPTO for, but his application was abandoned. […] Copyrig...
1 day 15 hours
While some are championing and raising prices on their one word .com domain names. John Berryhill has a completely different take. Of course this is one man’s opinion, but John does have an expert background in defending domain names in legal disputes. In a series of posts at Namepros John has commented that, “The UDRP […] The post “This decision provides the basis to rende...
6 hours 43 min
Brandsight is looking to hire someone in an Account Executive role, according to a job opening posted recently on LinkedIn. Because GoDaddy acquired Brandsight earlier this year, the job listing is under the GoDaddy branding. This is a work from home remote job (at least for the time being), and the location is the United […]
1 day 5 hours
Sweden’s Game Lounge, a major betting placement company, announced the acquisition of the domain The acquisition is the next step in Game Lounge’s diversification strategy and expansion into the US market. Earlier this year Game Lounge acquired Panorama Partners Ltd (Bettingmetrics), a company with strong product focus in the betting vertical. Bettingmetrics will now […] C...
1 day 6 hours
Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that can be trademarked. The 8-1 decision was a good read, and there was some interesting insight from the opinion. The dissent, written by Justice Stephen Breyer, included some positive language that will likely be referenced by generic .com domain name registrants: Breyer: “The owner […]
20 hours 14 min
BuyDomains was formed in 1998 by Mike Mann. The domain marketplace is known for its signature pricing, where most domains are listed with prices that end in “8” such as $888, $1,288 or $48,888 dollars. Domains listed at BuyDomains resolve as landing pages with a contact form, and contact information is displayed on a predominantly […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 21 hours
So while premium .com owners seem to be championing the decision. Others are now looking at how pairing the name and extension can create added value within an ip portfolio. Jeff Sass sent me an email about how .club is looking at things. They also put out a press release. Online Businesses Using .CLUB […] The post Online Businesses Using .CLUB and other Domain Name Extensions to...
23 hours 32 min
Last week, Amazon announced they acquired the naming rights to Seattle’s new downtown arena, and decided to rename it to Climate Pledge Arena. Immediately after, their legal department registered and then went to work registering similar names to protect their brand. Good job lawyer people! Securing more than 50 domain names, the legal team […] Copyright DomainGa...
4 hours 13 min
The Europe-spawned GDPR changed a lot of things in the domain investing industry and beyond, including how personal data in the WHOIS is handled. Even cookies now have to have explicit notifications and pop ups, seeking a web site visitor’s approval to store cookies or not. Enough is enough, Europe! I don’t care about cookies! […] Copyright DomainGang
1 day 23 hours
The Freedom To Breathe “agency” web site content was pulled down by its host, Wix. Following controversy over a fake government-looking card claiming its bearer could use to force businesses into accepting patrons without masks, the domain displays the Wix “under construction” page. With more than 128,000 deaths in the US from the Coronavirus […] Copyrig...