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1 day 18 hours
There are hundreds of new gTLD domain name extensions, but .Gondola is certainly not one of them (yet). Chris Sheridan noticed that Saturday Night Live shared a fictitious .Gondola domain name in a recent skit featuring Adam Sandler: Was watching #SNL Romano Tours skit. Check out the domain name…somebody apply for .gondola — Chris […]
16 hours 33 min
Mary Meeker’s Internet trends report for 2019 has been released. Always a must read in my opinion as Mary has been doing this a long time and the report is filled with a lot of data. Recode waded through all 333 slides, ( I have only gone through about 100) Here are two takeaways from […] The post Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2019 appeared first on
1 day 17 hours
Last week on Twitter, Rick Schwartz shared a video discussing the hardest question for a domain investor to answer: What Are Your 3 Best Domain Names? Rick’s domainer quiz. The single question that over 90% of #domainers cannot answer. It’s the first question I ask and it’s the hardest question for a #domain investor to […]
1 day 1 hour closed at $68,000 on to become the highest .io sale ever recorded according to Namebio. The domain was registered in 2012. There is a by Dignity Games in the Apple and Google app stores. The name was once parked at Undeveloped, – a really cool domain parked on best […] The post sells for $68,000 – biggest reported ....
8 hours 41 min
PIR, the administrator of .ORG, has launched The .ORG Impact Awards, a new program designed to recognize .ORG website owners who are using the Internet to empower change around the world.
1 day 20 hours
Having a reserve price on a domain name auction can reduce the risk of underselling a domain name for domain registrants. From what I can see, more and more domain names with reserve prices are coming up for sale on NameJet and other auction platforms. I am curious if domain investors reach out to domain […]
1 day 11 hours
To buy, or not to buy, that is the question. So the headline here comes from an email a reader sent me about an exchange they had with an end user. The reader sent a targeted email to just one person, asking them if they would be interested in the domain name they had for […] The post “I don’t buy from domainers on principle” appeared first on
16 hours 27 min
Have you ever really dived deep into the domain name registrar’s terms of service you agree to every time you register or transfer a domain name? If you are a Uniregistry registrant, there’s some humorous language about not being responsible for domain name issues related to zombie attacks that is hidden in plain sight in […]
12 hours 57 min
Sedo released their weekly sales and was the top sale at 50,000 Euros, ($56,649). It was a light week with less than 50 sales total. sold for $20,000 to take second place. 26 .com sales 13 cctld sales 6 other tld sales Domain name   Price Currency         .COMs   […] The post Sedo weekly sales led by appeared first on TheDomains...