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SEO Keyword Potential

Over the last several years. .Pro sites have been coming online in greater numbers. As you would expect, the keyword within the domain is as relevant as it is in other major extensions. Due to the availability of domain names and lowered aftermaker premium domain costs in compared with its alternatives such as .com, .net, .org or .info it is expected that .Pro remains a value and can be purchased at a slightly better value when compared with its peers.

Google, Bing and Yahoo allow for .pro to attain rankings when coupled with relevant content and a fully developed website. The major search engines have provided an increasing ease of obtaining a .pro listing and also find them quickly when listing websites using the webmaster tools provided at all of these engines. We have found no greater length of time in obtaining a listing with these engines compard with any of the other extensions and in less competitive keyword areas .pro can rise quickly.

Site Ranking and Keyword Placement relies on content rich sites, not purely the extension.

The search engines appear to assign a value to the age of a domain. So, there appears to be an advantage to buying a url with an existing website as long as those websites have respected major search engine listing requirements and are not blacklisted for whatever reason. Obviously putting spam or pop-up ads on your website can hurt your ranking. .Pro can rank as well as any other extension and with the amount of new extensions coming online, It appears a greater emphasis is being placed with the sites actual content being relevant to the keyword. Having unique content within your website can be a huge plus on top of owning a major keyword that will make your website more competitive.