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.Pro Restrictions are now open to include Post Graduate Degrees along with anyone who is professionally licensed that means more people than ever before are eligible to obtain a .pro domain. Take advantage of one of the most respected domain names to give you an exclusive edge online buy buying and using a .pro domain for your business.

.Pro registry requirements are easy to register and are similar to the other .gtld 'generic' extensions on the market today. The unknowns by many domain buyers regarding the registry requirements has slowed down the initial demand for .pros names. However, it opens the door for a unique opportunity to get decent domains at the hand registry cost of $9.99 With 100,000+ registrants the original fees are now greatly reduced from over 100 dollars that they were just a few years ago.

 As of November 17, 2011.  Registrants are not required to provide license information at the time of registration. However, if selected for an audit, you will be asked to provide to self-certify your license credentials. A business license is acceptable.

 As of November 7'th, 2012. Post Graduate Degrees are now excepted for registration for .pro domains. This would include everything beyond a Bachelor's degree such as Masters, MBA or PHD, ect... Also if you have any active certification from a professional society is also accepted.

From our experience, all the registries require the same thing. You will need to provide a professional license number upon buying your first domain and to open your .pro account with the registry of your choosing. Once that is complete you are able to register as many domains as you want within that account and based on your already submitted professional status. There are many investors who own over hundred domains within this extension.

The benefits of the verification has slowed down the quantity of micro-site and fly by night companies from purchasing these domains solely for the purpose of spam and other poor practices online. There should be no reason to keep you from purchasing a .Pro domain as the request for additional information is easily provided by most people who are required a license for performing business anyway.