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.Pro discussion is a big driving force for the professional extension...Join the Community, Participate & Market the extension

Namepros .pro discussion continues to drive interest through an established forum thread.  It is an exceptional resource for anyone that wants to buy or sell .pro domain names and its about time that facts provides an article centered around the impact of this group as it represents a community of people that hold firm on the belief that .pro will continue to being a strongly adopted extension in the future.  

You will find that there are strong .pro portfolio owners there that post the most recent news concerning .pro along with sales. In fact, a namepros memeber, VADTS just posted "Sold rezina(.)pro (russian translit related to Tires) 2500 USD, Sedo"  That is a decent sized .pro sale and it is not suprising that it was a russion word that indicates the interest that .pro is receiving around the world !!

When You buy an extension you need to look at the community of its registrant members

It's real similar to the where you buy a house in the real world. You really need to look at the type of people that are developing in the space that you are and I truly believe that .pro owners are inclined to develop quality web destinations that help raise the bar of the extension or at least have that intention for the domains they own. 

Marketing the .pro extension points to a grass roots endeaver through the professional end users.

One of the big complaints from many .pro owners is the lack of promotion on the part of the .pro registry now owned by Afilias for getting the word out on the .pro extension.  Well the reality is that .pro is being aided by Afilias ownership as they have the connections to bring .pro to larger registrars as well as conducting any modifications to the registry agreement through discussions and/or applications with ICANN.

Of course most .pro domainers would like to see the playing field level by removal of restrictions for this extension the word is still out as to when that may or may not happen.  Our opinion that this could help the extension greatly and could help get .pro placed on GoDaddy. Only time will tell.

Getting the word out for .pro should be every .pro owners mission as collective promotion and use of the brand will build more interest in bringing in new users for the extension.  If you are reading this and excited about the prospect of working together to help raise awareness of .pro...the great!! you aren't alone and it is becoming increasingly more important that we get organized to continue to show the world just how great this domain extension is.

For those of us that want to see us more firmly planted next to the .net's and .orgs of the world then feel free to contact us or join the discussion by clicking here :

.Pro needs to take the industry by storm as it is suprising at how little attention this great extension is given by industry giants. Rick Shwartz has even pointed out on his blog how .pro doesn't even hit the radar for extensions...I know where he is coming from but also know that we as a group will prove him wrong in the long run.  Of course .pro will be affected just like .com with 1000s of new extensions hitting the market but .pro has a certain advantage. .Com will always be the original of course but new brands will be very strong as there will be competition.

You don't see ads on major networks like you do for .CO, but it doesn't mean that .pro isn't continuing to bring in new owners, build more quality websites or make more aftermarket sales which it is doing. I'll post more on things you can do to promote .pro all by yourself and also look forward to working as a group to find new ways to take greater leadership of the domain space.