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New gtld's are about to change domaining forever!

New gtlds are going to completely change the landscape on what types of domains are bought and sold.  Whether you want to believe this or not it is our opinion that once new gtld companies have a chance to release hundreds of new gtlds into the market along with the expected promotion that will go along with this there will be change. The underlying structure of domains has shifted and although it appears that we are still living in a .com centric cyber universe it really is much bigger than that.

It's time to acknowledge that there are other options for business and the catagories are going to get more specific and reach a higher level of definition. So if you want to create a niche business in the future you will have to dig further in and create links with in .nyc or other areas of where you do business. So for example as a lawyer it would be beneficial to practice NewYork Law at .NYC or .LAWYER or even .DUI  

.Com may really not be enough to grow your business although it is commonly acceptable. Local searches in the future may require a higher degree of focus and that will make .com more and more generic of an extension.  When domaining is moving towards finding more relevant and more specific extensions it may be time to really consider whether your .com purchase is worth the amount of money that you are paying for it.  There are thousands of cheaper and more relevant extensions out there for your business and although searches to .com domains are providing keyword type ins how long is that going to last when there is now going to be something better.

We actually think that the internet really won't be that confused by all the additional extensions.  Many countries outside the US are utilizing other extensions even more heavily than .com and we think this trend will only continue to grow.

Historically people are attracted to vanity extensions and willing to pay more for it.  The change in mindset along with the rise of certain gtld's that prevail during the course of the next few years will provide an excellent variety of choice for domainers outside of the traditional point of view of domaining being purely about .com. Read this article on how presales are heading higher on gtld pre-registrations:

With emerging better options to .com, .pro has the ability to shine where the likes of .mobi, .sw, .pw and others may fail.  Pro offers a way for websites to offer a professional edge and applies to thousands of keywords where some of the more specific domains will only apply well to a few.  The web is looking to go someplace better, a more refined market place with higher resolution.  Your business will want an advantage in this new world of domaining and owning a .pro domain will offer the timeless ability to be the pro of your domain space.  With an already active body of over 125,000 registrants it offers a solid base of owners who invite you to join us in raising the quality of this extension.