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Making the Right Offer

Making an offer can be challenging. Most premium domain owners don't want to limit the sales price potential by setting a fixed price. Even if those expectations are unrealistic of what the actual selling price should be. The general thinking is..well why should I sell, if in a few years it could be worth several times more. If you want a domain, you will need to research the alternatives and suggest a price that is suitable to your budget along with being relevant to comparable domain sales. give yourself some room to negotiate as most serious buyers will do that with the objective of reaching some middle ground with the seller.

Escrow Services are generally used in larger domain sales

We've been on both sides of the transaction as both buyer and seller and its always been a negotiation. Having some faith in the person you are buying from is important if you are buying directly from the seller. In larger sales it is obviously good to go through an agency where an escrow service provides you with the assurance that you will obtain your chosen domain. All of our featured domains at facts are listings by qualified sellers. We stress that our sellers maintain reasonable sales expectations inline with the market.

Sellers may want to negotiate with you directly and whether you locate your seller through fact or directly through the whoise service. You may find that more equitable price can be reached on 1K to 5K deals by saving the sales fees by going direct to the seller. These terms should be agreed upon by both parties. If you are serious about the domain and willing to take the first step go ahead and suggest a price that meets your budgets and expectations for the domain.

You can always enter negotiations with a seller over a domain by contacting them through directly (using whois at or placing a lower offer to establish contact with the seller through sedo, or other online aftermarket websites. Be brave and take the first step!