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Primary tabs steps into the future with Key.Me!

Just read an interesting article about a company that has a completely revolutionary product for key making.  This company provides a services where you can store digital copies of your keys directly from a smartphone application and then have them on file for when you need duplicate keys made. 

This company is a great illustration how companies can take advantage of more relevant domains for their business.

Providing a future look into how new gtlds will be applied to businesses and aid them in finding their own identity that is far superior to a traditional online brand. In fact they are moving their business to a .me domain from a .net and the new domain sounds excellent along with a quite innovative product that I think many of us would be interested in using.

It's an exciting time in the domain business and new domains are going to bring big dividends to companies that take advantage of the unique opportunities that are presenting themselves. Key.Me is an excellent example of this.

Perhaps we'll see someone step up and develop or as there is a huge demand for this type of professional service.