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International Appeal

There have been a considerable amount of .pro's registered in foreign countries. as .pro stands for professional in a multitude of countries. Here are a few:


  • English—professional
  • Spanish—profesional
  • French—professionnel
  • German--professionelle
  • Italian—professionale
  • Romanian—profesional
  • Portuguese—profissional
  • Norwegian—profesjonell
  • Maltese—professjonali
  • Lithuanian—profesinės
  • Latvian—profesionālās
  • Indonesian—profesional
  • Galician—profesional
  • Filipino—propesyunal
  • Estonian—professionaalne
  • Dutch—professionele
  • Danish—professionel
  • Croatian—profesionalne
  • Catalan—professional
  • Albanian--profesional

 The domain extension is really strong in Russia, France and Spain where many of the recent resales have been very prevalant. In other words the .pro extension is growing in popularity oversees even though the predominant marketshare of registrants is within the US.