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Insurance .pro gets hit with UDRP makes domain headlines today for all the wrong reasons as reporte at  It is interesting how the larger domainers become very oriented to certain domains but not to others judging by the first line in the story.  We hand it to thedomains for reporting the story and maintaining focus on what matters which is that no matter what extension you have everyone can be affected by UDRP process or potentially reverse domain name hijacking. 

The full article is here

We know that allprodomains is a very reputable .pro dealer and has some very valuable .pro domains

If you are seeking very generic domains allprodomains has some incredible category killer domains that are worth thousands. You can view their complete listings at the 

Here is a site that all of you as domainers or domain investors should be aware of that tracks UDRP cases. 

We expect that this case will be tracked on Rick Schwartz so will keep you posted.

Insurance .pro gets hit with UDRP | DN80


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