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Finding the Perfect Domain to Buy!

As you are probably well aware, it can be difficult to find the keyword you want even though thousands are available in a variety of extensions. From our knowledge and experience in web development, seo and search engine ranking as well as practical business sense...there remains a cost vs. reward relationship when purchasing a domain name.

How much are you willing to invest in a business or personal domain?

What is the return on investment for such a purchase?

In general, people select domains based on either for the keyword or catchy 'brand' appeal. The keywords are of great benefit as it can aid in achieving better search engine placement within your vertical. However, the brand is equally important as when you sell your services on or offline you will want a name that appeals to your customer.

Short, Memorable Domains are always very Marketable.

Most domainers are searching for short memorable names that are no greater than 2 words in length. We are not here specifically to sell you on .pro as we all know that there are many options out there in the domain world. But all things considered an investment in .pro offers both value, brand and keyword potential if you choose to invest in a 'premium' .pro domain. It is always good to compare costs with other viable options and when we've done that .pro has proven itself as a great value, especially given its great brand ability.