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Primary tabs has sold for 7,000 USD

Another .pro sold as reported in DNjournal this week for and Both domains combined sold for 8,000 US dollars. It is another sign of greater acquisition of .pro domains and a good snap shot of where .pro's are in the market place. This premium collection could be worth a whole lot more in coming years so surely it is a good deal for both buyer and seller at this point in time.

Are singular form of .pro's more popular than the plural version to buyers?

One question that struck us was that the singular sold for more than the plural. Keep in mind that this could simply have been a package type of deal but since the singular was bought for a much larger figure than the plural it makes us wonder as to what is more popular in the .pro extension. sounds slightly better than but does the market prefer the singular form in most cases when it comes to pro domains.

Usually it has been our impression that plural forms of keywords are more sought after but this may not be the case in .pro as pro lends itself more to the singular form of the word.  

The good news to .pro investors is domains are moving in the aftermarket and fetching decent prices. Doesn't it make you just want to go out a buy a few...I"ve got a diamondring that I can sell you!