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Buying Value in Domains

Value is a hard to reach topic with the domain investment community. However, In todays business world, businesses and individuals are most certainly concerned about investment cost and keeping the bottom line low. How much bang will a .com, .net or .org give you that a .pro won't? Yes, .com is buying you the popularity of an extremely well known extension which comes at a real cost. At the same time we've seen values in alternate extensions rise over the last several years such as .net, .org and .info. Many people felt that these extensions would never see a large aftermarket sale but those sales are now being reported weekly on sites like dnjournal.

.Pro domains have sold and carry good values.

Domains such as have made the list at a sale of $4,700. and there have been steady sales reported which indicates that the aftermarket for .pro is growing. The recent sales page on this site lists some of the higher reported sales that we've seen. The good news is that .Pro is still very much accessible by young startup companies, individuals and small business professionals that want a strong and valuable domain for their companies while maintaining an investment in a domain that can be resold at the same or higher price. With the many great options for companies out there to buy domains, how long do you really think its going to be before the world wakes up to a variety of other extensions. With thousands of business promoting alternative extensions and people becoming more familiar with a variety of alternate extensions. It wouldn't suprise me to see this cut into the costs of what even .com's will resell for in the future...where a good .pro investment still has room to grow.