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Internet Business steps into the future with Key.Me!

Just read an interesting article about a company that has a completely revolutionary product for key making.  This company provides a services where you can store digital copies of your keys directly from a smartphone application and then have them on file for when you need duplicate keys made. 

Domain Market Growth


Great changes and opportunity are evident within the patterns of domain investment online recently. Larger companies have been making some bold movies investing in alternative domain extensions as we've seen over the past year with developing and Visa now developing V.Me.  Although companies appear to be  maintaining their properties within the .com extension it could very well be that some simple diversification and inclusion of multiple domains within a portfolio is the way of the future.

Finding a Professional Domain for Your Business

Consider carefully before just quickly choosing a domain for your business. There are a ton of reasons why you need to choose relevant domains that can be built upon to increase web traffic, google ranking as well as create repeat business from your web visitors.

Buying a Domain Name

When you decide you want to make a website you need to firstly buy a domain name in order to host it and get ftp access to upload your files so that you can build it. Buying a domain name is very easy, you just have to know what to look for and where to get it from. There are many cheap reliable registrars who are recommended by others, once you find one you need to first check that is still available. If it is you can buy it for the standard registry fee which varies from company to company, if it isn’t available then it’s not the end of the world.