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DN.80 provides professional online business a place online.

It's about you the professionals, who want to develop a distinguished web presence online and compete in a global market place.  With the rising costs of online real estate rising into the millions for premium one word .com's, it's easy to recognize that other properties and new domain extensions are becomming the next big thing or at least offer the possibility of larger growth compared to what you pay for your domain.  This cost vs. reward that is starting to attract new business to alternate extensions is quickly becoming a reality. 

dn80 aggressively seeks opportunties and prime aftermarket digital real estate while providing supportive articles for professionals in every country across the globe. We take our business seriously as you do and have invested in key areas where we think the probability for growth exists. .Pro or professional domains are an incredible opportunity that is attracting business to this new high end domain real estate.

Even some old school traditional domain investors and developers are changing their tune as extensions like .co, .me and .pro are making significant advances in attracting business that want to utilize these new extensions for their startup companies and business. We enjoy bringing you industry news on key .pro developments while offering opportunities to purchase some developing websites or domains through our pro store aftermarket.

It's a pleasure to help you as we build our future together through online web development. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions you feel we can help you with!

Developing a .pro website? Let us to highlight your business...We do this for free!

Get in touch if you want us to highlight your pro website and if we can do it we will post it for free after approval for listing on this website. It's an opportunity to share your experience with the business world and helps others see just how amazing the .pro opportunity really is. Pro offers an incredible brand recognition for performance websites and established develop websites could fit perfectly into our expo showcase geared towards business. We're happy to help promote your business with this opportunity.

Our basic mission at is to:

  1. Help raise general awareness of the .pro extension.
  2. Report domain related news concerning the professional .pro extension
  3. Keep a pulse on the .gtld market.

What can you do on

  1. Free domain listings
  2. Create a personal profile page and list your domains on dn80
  3. Great deals on relavent web developer products