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Broken mirror : #ICANN deletes new brand #gTLD dot #Spiegel | 17 hours 39 min | ICANN has deleted the new brand gTLD, dot .Spiegel by removing it from the IANA root zone. The German-owned brand gTLD never took off, having had only one domain,, in the IANA database. That’s basically the default reserved Registry domain. Spiegel means “mirror” in German. The following information reflects the dot .Spiegel applicant, a […] Copyright DomainGang |
Uniregistry to Remove TopCoin from its Platform | 1 day 22 hours | Uniregistry sent out an email to customers informing them that the company will be removing TopCoin from its platform on January 1, 2019. The company had been giving out TopCoin as a reward for registering and renewing domain names. In its email, Uniregistry advised customers they could still redeem TopCoin with Uniregistry through March 31. […] |
Merry Uni #Christmas : Ten items to trade your #TopCoin for | 1 day 17 hours | Uni announced the end of its collaboration with the TopCoin project, and current TPC holders can exchange it until March 31st, 2019. TopCoin’s delayed ICO must have led to that decision, as 2018 has been ruthless to cryptocurrencies; even Bitcoin has taken a severe beating, and it’s trading in the $3,000 dollar range. So what […] Copyright DomainGang |
#Domain Kingdom : Rick’s country gets discounted a year later | 19 hours 16 sec | Rick Schwartz is the de facto Domain King, and has enforced his registered trademark as well as fought back his challengers over the years. Although retired, the Domain King is still active, going “live” whenever he feels he has to share some of his personal and professional wisdom about domains. But what’s a king without […] Copyright DomainGang |
Chinese Domain investments cause spike in .pro reg... | .Pro's kept advancing strongly after that post and it most likely wasn't caused by US investors as there is much speculation that Chinese investors have taken interest in the .pro domain extension. 200K registrations within a few months has helped boost .pro to one of the top registered new gtld's.

GoDaddy caught forwarding a .pro? | It's a powerful brand name and godaddy appears to get it! Having a solid professional look and standing well above the rest starts with owner a .pro brand for your business. The future in our opinion is headed to unique powerful brands and .pro will lead the pack once consumers have a chance to browse through all of the available extensions out there.

Trading a .com for an .xyz | There has been some intersting articles concerning the launch of .xyz domains. The domain extension is founded by Daniel Negari who is promoting the domain extension as the next best alternative to .com? Whether you think this is a crazy idea or not, this is the first CEO that we know of that has directly come out and said that .xyz will be direct competition with the .com extension.