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We Have Free Tickets to NamesCon for Five People Who've Never Been to the Big Show in Las Vegas | 1 day 23 hours | Hundreds of industry veterans will be at the upcoming NamesCon conference in Las Vegas but organizers want newcomers too and gave us 5 free tickets for first timers. |
Wedding Flea Market : #Domain remains with owner, #RDNH finding in #UDRP | 1 day 6 hours | The owner of the domain can keep it, after the UDRP brought against their domain failed. Wedding Flea Market, LLC filed the UDRP on the basis of holding a US trademark for WEDDING FLEA MARKET – since September 26, 2017. The registrant of operates it since 2013, however. The Respondent pointed that fact […] Copyright DomainGang |
#ScheduleFlow .com : Another #UDRP delivers a Reverse Domain Name hijacking decision | 1 day 5 hours | The registrant of is an Australian company, using the domain name since 2009. Currently, it forwards to Duoserve, Inc. d/b/a ScheduFlow, owns a trademark for SCHEDUFLOW and filed a UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum. That mark, as the Respondent of this UDRP pointed out, does not match the two word composite of […] Copyright DomainGang |
#Estibot : New beta version of #domain #valuation tools looks awesome! | 23 hours 32 min | Estibot is widely referenced among domain investors for its domain valuation tool, which has improved over the years. While automated domain pricing tools aren’t perfect, Estibot is constantly adjusting its value assessment algorithms. It seems that it was about time for some visual improvements as well; a beta version of Estibot includes new brand colors, […] Copyright DomainGang |
Chinese Domain investments cause spike in .pro reg... | .Pro's kept advancing strongly after that post and it most likely wasn't caused by US investors as there is much speculation that Chinese investors have taken interest in the .pro domain extension. 200K registrations within a few months has helped boost .pro to one of the top registered new gtld's.

GoDaddy caught forwarding a .pro? | It's a powerful brand name and godaddy appears to get it! Having a solid professional look and standing well above the rest starts with owner a .pro brand for your business. The future in our opinion is headed to unique powerful brands and .pro will lead the pack once consumers have a chance to browse through all of the available extensions out there.

Trading a .com for an .xyz | There has been some intersting articles concerning the launch of .xyz domains. The domain extension is founded by Daniel Negari who is promoting the domain extension as the next best alternative to .com? Whether you think this is a crazy idea or not, this is the first CEO that we know of that has directly come out and said that .xyz will be direct competition with the .com extension.