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“This decision provides the basis to render countless domain names to be worthless junk” | 1 day 15 hours | While some are championing and raising prices on their one word .com domain names. John Berryhill has a completely different take. Of course this is one man’s opinion, but John does have an expert background in defending domain names in legal disputes. In a series of posts at Namepros John has commented that, “The UDRP […] The post “This decision provides the basis to rende... | registrant’s trademark application was abandoned in 2000 | 1 day 3 hours | Game Lounge acquired in a domain rebranding deal worth seven figures, or more. The acquisition of is interesting as it coincides with the decision about and its matching trademark BOOKING.COM. In 2000, Christopher Latter, original registrant of, applied for a trademark at the USPTO for, but his application was abandoned. […] Copyrig... |
Zero carbon arena : #Amazon now hiring experienced #domainer! | 1 day 33 sec | Last week, Amazon announced they acquired the naming rights to Seattle’s new downtown arena, and decided to rename it to Climate Pledge Arena. Immediately after, their legal department registered and then went to work registering similar names to protect their brand. Good job lawyer people! Securing more than 50 domain names, the legal team […] Copyright DomainGa... |
Nobody Will Request an “Appraisal Certificate” | 2 hours 5 min | Domain industry attorney Jason Schaeffer reported today that three of his clients received $60,000 offers to buy domain names, and the supposed prospective buyer requested an “appraisal certificate” in order to proceed with a deal. 3 clients this week had $60K offers through GoDaddy. Each appeared to be from Japan requesting an “Appraisal Certificate.” Screen […] |
Chinese Domain investments cause spike in .pro reg... | .Pro's kept advancing strongly after that post and it most likely wasn't caused by US investors as there is much speculation that Chinese investors have taken interest in the .pro domain extension. 200K registrations within a few months has helped boost .pro to one of the top registered new gtld's.

GoDaddy caught forwarding a .pro? | It's a powerful brand name and godaddy appears to get it! Having a solid professional look and standing well above the rest starts with owner a .pro brand for your business. The future in our opinion is headed to unique powerful brands and .pro will lead the pack once consumers have a chance to browse through all of the available extensions out there.

Trading a .com for an .xyz | There has been some intersting articles concerning the launch of .xyz domains. The domain extension is founded by Daniel Negari who is promoting the domain extension as the next best alternative to .com? Whether you think this is a crazy idea or not, this is the first CEO that we know of that has directly come out and said that .xyz will be direct competition with the .com extension.