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Maybe not the best way to secure the domain name you want | 1 day 19 hours | I came across an article that is actually 6 years old but I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned it. Just one of the millions of random posts on the Internet. The post serves as a guide on how to make sure you never get the domain you desire. Apparently a website named wanted […] The post Maybe not the best way to secure the domain name you want appeared first on TheDomains... |
Sedo weekly sales led by and | 17 hours 4 min | Sedo released their weekly sales and there was a tie at the top. and both sold for $40,000. sold for 29,500 Euros, ($34,747). sold for $30,000. 52 .com sales 19 cctld sales 5 other gtld sales Domain name Price Currency .COMs 40,000 USD 18,000 USD 14,000 USD […] The post Sedo weekly sales led by Salv... |
Domain Investing Ethics | 1 day 23 hours | About a year ago, I wrote an article about ethics in domain investing. That article primarily covered buying and/or registering names that could either be considered trademarks or infringing on a brand or personal brand. I want to expand on that today because I don’t think it did a good enough job discussing ethics as it relates to my domain investing business. As I mentioned before, I do my... | has a 1.25 million Euro bid on Sedo | 1 day 25 min | Nice way to start an auction, has a 1,250,000 Euro bid on Sedo. What is the meaning of the name Ebru? Means “paper marbling” in Turkish. Paper marbling is the art of creating colourful patterns on paper. Behind the Name: Meaning, origin and history of the name Ebru Will be interesting to see […] The post has a 1.25 million... |
Chinese Domain investments cause spike in .pro reg... | .Pro's kept advancing strongly after that post and it most likely wasn't caused by US investors as there is much speculation that Chinese investors have taken interest in the .pro domain extension. 200K registrations within a few months has helped boost .pro to one of the top registered new gtld's.

GoDaddy caught forwarding a .pro? | It's a powerful brand name and godaddy appears to get it! Having a solid professional look and standing well above the rest starts with owner a .pro brand for your business. The future in our opinion is headed to unique powerful brands and .pro will lead the pack once consumers have a chance to browse through all of the available extensions out there.

Trading a .com for an .xyz | There has been some intersting articles concerning the launch of .xyz domains. The domain extension is founded by Daniel Negari who is promoting the domain extension as the next best alternative to .com? Whether you think this is a crazy idea or not, this is the first CEO that we know of that has directly come out and said that .xyz will be direct competition with the .com extension.